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CAM offers you a range of cradles for newborns that provide the maximum comfort and safety to ensure your baby has a good night’s sleep. A functional design and top quality, each cradle is made in Italy, is height-adjustable and has a dropside so it can be used for co-sleeping. To complete the range, there are dedicated accessories ranging from a mattress to a mosquito net and a mobile. Your baby is sure to have sweet dreams.

From what age can I use a cradle?

The CAM cradles are designed to be a haven for your baby and to help him to sleep at night and in the day, from birth up to 9 kilos in weight. After this, it is advisable to use a cot. The anti-reflux position studied by the CAM research and development department guarantees maximum safety while the compatibility with all types of bed means the co-sleeping function is easy to use and requires no effort.

Which model should I choose?

A lot depends on the extra features that you would like. If you prefer a cradle for the home with accessories to stimulate baby’s curiosity and play, you should choose a model that is more in line with these needs. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a travel model, CAM offers you a cradle specially designed for this purpose. Each model is safe and designed with the utmost care for every detail, a true ally for your little one’s sleep.


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