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CAM offers you a selection of highchairs that are perfect for making the most of mealtimes, which are so important for your baby. Comfort and safety are a must to enable your little one to love every moment and enjoy his first dishes. The sturdy, elegant and extremely functional frame of each product also helps parents to deal calmly with weaning and the daily meal routine: a moment to share together and a time for discovery.

From what age can I use a highchair for a baby?

The CAM highchairs are perfect for the different stages of growth of your little one and help him to get used to mealtimes in the best possible way right from the first weeks of life. Thanks to the baby seat function, some models can be used by newborns, while others are suitable for babies from 6 months upwards. All the CAM range accompanies your little one at table up to the age of 36 months, when he will be ready for new adventures.

Which are the best models?

Depending on the use and the age of your baby, CAM offers different solutions all of which feature a made-to-measure design for babies with a sturdy and practical structure, offering maximum comfort and safety. Mealtimes must be moments of joy, a time for sharing and discovering the world: the models with the reclining feature for naps are perfect for those who want to combine mealtimes with relaxation, while for older children, there are models with large trays and various accessories. The CAM catalogue also features a convenient travel range.


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