Made in Italy cradle with co-sleeping function, suitable for every bed


Usage information

0- 9 kg.


  • 8 height adjustmanets, drop-side opening for co-sleeping function
  • Anti-reflux position
  • Horizontal movement of the cradle (moves up to 16 cm.) for compatibility with all types of bed
  • Rocking function
  • 4 swivel wheels, 2 of which are fitted with a brake
  • Straps for fastening to the bed for the co-sleeping function
  • Includes: metal frame, removable rod for net and mobile, soft mattress with mattress cover (L 85 – W 50- H 3), soft fabric interior, mesh window
  • Removable fabric, hand washable at 30°
  • Optional accessories: Bedding Kit for Cullami art. 926, Net for Cullami art. 927, Mobile for Cullami art. 928

Dimensions and weights

  • Open: L 105 - W 59 - H 82/134 cm.
  • 10.9 kg.


  • Complies with EN1130
  • Complies with EN16890

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