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CAM offers you a range of baby walkers designed specifically to guide your baby on his discovery of the world in absolute safety. A fun and colourful way to make getting about easier for your little one. It allows him to take his first steps freely during such an important stage of his development when he is not yet able to walk by himself, but feels the need to move freely about the house.

When can I start to use a baby walker?

The CAM baby walkers are ideal for accompanying your baby as he becomes aware of his mobility and normally they are used in the 6-18 month age range. During and after this stage, it can become a useful product for stimulating your little one’s playtime and imagination, a companion on explorations around the house that will enable your baby to gain confidence with his body and his ability to walk. 

Which model should I choose?

It’s a question of style. All the CAM baby walkers offer the same features, practicality and safety. Each model has its own distinguishing features and different accessories that make it unique. Choose the one that you think your baby will like the most and put it to the test.


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