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CAM offers you a range of lightweight strollers that are perfect for taking your little one around the world with the maximum convenience. Compact in size, they provide all the comfort you could need. The research and design department has developed strollers that fold like a book or like an umbrella. These compact systems can withstand continuous use, while being extremely easy to carry about and occupying little space in the car.

When is a lightweight stroller suitable for use?

The CAM models have been designed for continuous use from birth up to the age of 48 months. Lightweight, comfortable and resistant, the three qualities always go together. CAM’s lightweight strollers accompany your baby as he grows thanks also to the reclining, multi-position backrest. 

What model should I choose?

All the CAM lightweight strollers are designed and produced in Italy and guarantee maximum quality as well as reduced weight and size. Choose the model that suits your needs best by checking the technical specifications at your disposal.


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