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Innovative, extremely comfortable swivel child car seat


Usage information

40 cm – 150 cm, 0-36 kg


  • Side impact head protection
  • Anatomically-shaped insert with back support and insert for the head with side support, both of which are easy to remove.
  • 360° swivel seat
  • 5-point harness
  • Padded shoulder protectors and crotch strap
  • Convenient system for adjusting the height of the belts
  • Belt guide
  • Adjustable 13-height headrest
  • 4-position backrest
  • Side display showing correct use
  • Universal Isofix anchoring system (40-105 cm) and easy fix (105-150 cm)
  • 40-105 cm Direction: rearward facing, isofix connectors, top tether
  • 76-105 cm Direction: forward facing, isofix connectors, top tether
  • 100-150 cm 3-point car seat belt, with/without isofix connectors, without 5-point harness and insert-
  • Removable covers, washable at 30°C.


Dimensions and weights

L 45 - W 57 - H 55.5/83 cm

Weight: 12.4 kg


European Reference Regulation: ECE R/129

Standard crash test:

  •          Simulation of a head-on crash at 50 Km/h against a wall
  •          Side impact test
  •          Rear-end collision test

Completely non-toxic (EN 71) and phthalate-free (directive 2005/84/CE) materials

Provided with the UNIVERSAL ISOFIX SYSTEM, the most innovative anchoring system that enables a child car seat to be fitted to a car seat so that it is completely firm and fully integral with the car body. It consists of 2 standard connectors on the back of the child car seat and a third anchorage point (Top Tether). It guarantees the maximum level of safety in the event of an accident and maximum convenience of installation.


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