art. L118

Accessories included


Age of use:

Suitable from 0 to 36 months approximately;


with two-height kit, large pocket, fun screen prints, 2 heights, mattress, travel bag. Compact folding.

Sizes & Weights:

Open: W 124.5 - D 71 - H 75 cm.
Folded: W 20.5 - D 20.5 - H 75 cm.
9.7 Kg.

Available Colors

Col. 240

The company reserves the right to make any necessary changes or improvements to the products shown at any time without prior notice.


- European reference standard: EN 716-1/2

- Dynamic impact test to check the resistance of the base

- Side, front and rear stability test to avoid the risk of the product tipping over when baby is using it

- Bite test

- Test to ensure the soother /chain cannot get trapped in any part of product

- Completely non-toxic and phthalate-free materials (directive 2005/84/CE)