Removable Idro Baby

Removable Idro Baby

art. C518

Made in Italy


Age of use:

Suitable for babies weighing 0-15 kg


soft changing mat padded on 2 sides, provided with Baby Bagno baby bath with 2 anatomically shaped, non-slip rubber inserts (one reclined seat for babies from 0 to 6 months and the other with armrests for children from 6 to 12 months), storage compartments for sponge and soap, shower accessory, stabilising feet, plug with drainage pipe, 6 adjustable non-slip feet suitable for various types of bath tub.

Sizes and Weights:

L 115÷140 - W 78 - H 67,5 cm
Kg 8,2

Available Colors

Col. 240

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- European reference regulation: EN12221-1/2

- Age of use:suitable for babies up to 15 kg

- Side, front and rear stability test to prevent baby from tipping over while inside

- Completely non-toxic (EN 71) and phthalate-free materials (directive 2005/84/CE)