"Just for you" is the exclusive line of Cam the children's world, created to tell the style of mothers and fathers who are attentive to detail.

Solo per te - Deluxe Edition

Original 4in1

art. S2200


art. 920

Kit Tessile Sempreconte

art. 922

Zanzariera Sempreconte

art. 929


art. 805T

Techno + Mod. Milano

art. 805T + 978

Techno + Mod. Softy

art. 805T + 977

Techno + Mod. Soul

art. 805T + 970

Techno + Mod. Joy

art. 805T + 974

Techno + Mod. Joy Romantic

art. 805T + 976


art. 915

Techno Bliss

art. 806


art. 826

Base 2in1

art. S132


art. S169

Stand up per navicella e seggiolino auto

art. 705

Porta bicchiere Carrie

art. 038

Sacco per passeggino Moritz

art. 035

Sacco per ovetto Nesti

art. 036

Borsa Fasciatoio Mila

art. 033

Borsa Fasciatoio Celine

art. 041

Zainetto Beki

art. 034

Kit auto

art. V495

Adattatori Fixon

art. N956

Collection "Just for you"

A collection with an international taste, but entirely made in Italy, based on the careful combination of design, details, materials, colors and accessories. In the "Just for you" range, everything can be customized according to your taste and lifestyle, to be unique at any time.


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