Our background

Imagination, Creativity and Passion
have been in our family for more than 49 years.

Set up in 1969 as the result of the enterprising initiative and talent of the Rho brothers Franco, Aldo and Mario, Cam today has gone from being a family-run business to becoming one of the most important companies in the nursery sector. A success story achieved day after day, looking at the world through the eyes of a child. That’s because the world of a child is, above all, a place where dreams come true. A place where one family, thanks to its total commitment and dedication, has become a real team, united not only by family ties, but above all by an extraordinary passion devoted to mums and children all over the world. We turn the wishes of adults and children into creative ideas and multi-purpose products that make everyday life better and safer, while keeping a close eye on quality and the Made in Italy philosophy.

What is our secret? We’re 49 years old, but still children at heart.

Mission & Vision

“To look at the world through the eyes of a child” to understand exactly what children need. For Cam this means keeping our minds open to new discoveries, searching for innovation and know-how, all guided by the wonder with which a child looks at the world every day. In fact, only those who know how to look at the world from a child’s point of view can find all the solutions to make it even more enjoyable and, above all, safer.

In every single thing we do, in every collection we create, there’s the awareness that all Cam products must be safe, unique and “made-to-measure for children” at all times. Only in this way, are we sure to offer children the chance to express their inner world freely while having fun in absolute safety at the same time.

Cam Awards

Well Done!

We all like to hear it when someone says “Well done!” to us, but it is even more satisfying when it is said by those who know how to make children, and their mums, happy. Cam knows all about it and for this reason, the company travels all over the world, taking its products to the most important fairs and competitions both in Italy and abroad, always demonstrating the same dynamism and bursting with energy and enthusiasm. The reason is that you can never grow tired of designing and producing beautiful, comfortable and safe items that are more and more technological and always “made-to-measure for children”.

In fact, the real value that lies within every Cam product is all the innovation, commitment and the long road taken to reach families all over the world: research, design, development, tests, but above all plenty of passion and dedication shown day after day by those who work to win the smiles of little ones and the admiration of grown-ups.

This is why many of the Cam products have received not only the applause of the most authoritative bodies, but above all, the affection of mums and dads.

Made in Italy

My Pushchair is just like a pizza:
it’s better if it’s made in italy!

Made in Italy is a reliable value in which to invest because it means controlled quality, safety, design and innovation. Cam has always believed in this. Nowadays Cam is one of the very few companies producing 95% of its range in Italy. And thanks to this winning choice Cam now represents a symbol of Italian excellence all over the world.


Children need to feel safe. With cam they feel even safer

Children’s safety is the most important issue for us at Cam. For this reason, we are constantly carrying out research into advanced technologies and innovative solutions to make every moment of their day safer and safer. However, although safety is a real mission for us, we never forget that our products must be comfortable, stylish and attractive at the same time. We pay special attention to a modern design and we allow our customers to choose from a wide range of colours and optional accessories so that our products can be personalised as much as possible. This is the reason why Cam is a real ally for mums and dads’ peace of mind. Thanks to a combination of our experience and your compliance with the rules, safety becomes a destination we can reach together.