Sport in pregnancy: the perfect way to stay active when pregnant


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Pregnancy is a period of great change in a woman’s life, and it is often accompanied by a stream of advice about health and well-being. Of the many questions future mums ask, one of the most common concerns physical activity and sport. With our experts’ help, this article explores how fitness can become an integral part of a healthy pregnancy, leading to various benefits.

Moderate physical exercise during pregnancy is known to lead to numerous advantages: it improves blood circulation, it reduces the risk of swelling and helps to keep body weight healthy. Furthermore, physical exercise can help you to manage stress and improve your mood, providing important support during the emotional ups and downs that are common at this time.

Not all sports are suitable during pregnancy, but many activities can be modified to satisfy the needs of future mums. Activities such as walking, yoga, swimming and gentle exercising are highly recommended, although it is essential to consult your doctor before undertaking any new fitness programme.

Some advice is fundamental though:

  • Listen to the needs of your body and adapt your physical exercise accordingly
  • Ensure you maintain a suitable level of hydration
  • Avoid exercising in hot places
  • Choose appropriate clothing and footwear

In brief, our advice for future mums is that once you have consulted your doctor you should try to adopt an active approach to pregnancy, taking advantage of the numerous benefits that physical exercise can bring. An active pregnancy not only promotes physical well-being, but it also contributes towards a healthy and positive attitude, preparing the way for a serene and fulfilling motherhood.  

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