Newborns and the first cold days


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Our experts’ advice

As temperatures begin to fall, our worries related to this season start to increase. Here below is some advice that you will find useful until the beginning of next spring.

Don’t hesitate to go out: even in the cold season, it’s a good idea to go out at least once a day. Even if it has snowed, there’s no problem at all. Children don’t get ill so often if they go out in the open air and, what’s more, exposure to light enables the absorption of vitamin D, which is important for healthy bones and teeth. Just take some precautions such as staying in on windy days and going out at warmer times of the day.

How to dress your little ones: just follow what adults do! Our pediatrician explains that you can check your baby’s well-being immediately by touching the base of his neck or his abdomen. As far as the clothes are concerned, it’s better for baby to wear natural, breathable materials that prevent him from sweating too much or having skin irritations.

I’m not afraid of a cold: your little one may get a cold in this season. Two valid allies to help get over these moments are nasal washes to keep baby’s nose clear and help him breathe better and humidifiers that add moisture to the air and aid respiration.Don’t forget to keep baby hydrated and, above all, remember that the right dose of cuddles works wonders!


This is our advice, but if you have other doubts, we recommend that you ask your family doctor and/or your pediatrician.  








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