Newborn babies and seaside holidays


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The experts’ advice on how to handle this new adventure together

Summer is coming and with it a longing for the sea, but when you have a newborn baby there are a few precautions you should take. Below are 3 pieces of advice from our experts:

-  It’s a yes to newborns at the seaside!

Let’s start by saying that you can take your newborn to the seaside, but there are a few precautions you should follow. Obviously, the countryside would be the ideal destination, but the beach is not out of the question. You should wait at least 10/15 days after the birth as a newborn baby may need to see the pediatrician during this period.


-         The beach umbrella, a true ally and a must-have

It’s better to keep baby under the beach umbrella all the time and avoid going to the beach during the hottest hours of day. The best time to go is early morning and/or late afternoon. Your newborn should not be exposed directly to the sun as babies’ skin is very thin and the pigmentation system is still developing.

-         Yes or no to sun cream?

It’s not advisable to apply sun cream before baby is 6 months old, so you must remember to use sunhats and light clothes which will be your little one’s protection.

Remember these pieces of advice and start organising your holiday by the sea!

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