Ideas for celebrating Mother’s Day!


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Dads, friends, teachers, let’s help our little ones celebrate Mother’s Day. Here are our suggestions.

Even if your children are really young, there are some simple things they can make to give Mum and show her how important and special she is… but to do so they will definitely need a little helping hand from someone older! Here below you’ll find some suggestions. 


To make this present, all you need is some red cardboard and a little paint (buy the paint that’s suitable for children’s skin, there are various ones available on the market). Once you have everything you need, just dip baby’s foot into the white or coloured paint and personalise the lucky charm which Mum is sure to take with her wherever she goes.


Get a terracotta plant pot and give your child some tubes of poster paint and felt-tip pens. Our advice is to give your child free rein to create and experiment. Once the pot is dry, it will be ready to hold Mum’s flowers.  


Get your child to place their hands in salt dough and leave an imprint. The result? A unique keepsake that Mum will treasure forever.

These are some easy and quick ideas that are sure to leave Mum speechless.

Being a Mum isn’t always easy, and this is why it’s good to show our Mums that we know how unique, strong and irreplaceable they are.

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