How to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day with your little ones


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3 tips for ways to enjoy every moment of this day with your loved ones

Love is in the air …. and the littles ones at home are already set to help you make Valentine’s cards and organize special surprises. They are, undeniably, your perfect little helpers!

Here are three activities for the whole family to do together to have fun and show your nearest and dearest all the love that you share.

  1. Prepare a delicious and nourishing “St. Valentine’s” breakfast suitable for both adults and little ones, and have a playlist of romantic songs in the background to warm the atmosphere.
  1. Colour in some St. Valentine’s drawings and hang them around the house, to make everything even more magical.
  1. Finally, end this day by watching a lovely, romantic film for all the family, either at the cinema or at home.

These are just some simple ways of spending time together, to celebrate true love and create memories that will last a lifetime.  

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