4 tips for the best ways to deal with “Springtime ailments”


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Some advice that could make your springtime and that of your baby even lovelier

It’s a well-known fact that spring doesn’t only bring flowers, longer days and a warmer climate, but it’s also a time when we have to come to terms with tiredness and fatigue that affect little ones as well as adults.

Here is some practical advice that will help you to overcome your baby’s “Springtime ailments”:

  • Let your baby rest; his body needs to adapt to the new rhythms and sensations of this season. It’s important to give him all the time he needs to reorganize his body clock.
  •  If he’s tired, don’t worry! The variation in temperature and the changes linked to the fine weather can cause a little general apathy.
  • Don’t cover him up too much! Try to use layered clothing and don’t be afraid to put away the duvet or the pushchair cosytoes.
  • Be careful of pollen: if your baby is allergic to it, avoid trips to the countryside and try to go to the sea or the mountains instead.    

With these four simple and practical pieces of advice you will be able to deal with this beautiful, but often complicated season, in the best possible way.  

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