Baby World

What colour is your imagination?

Who knows whether fairy stories, recipes and games are brought by storks when they are born, just like babies? There would be nothing odd about it. But how, I wonder, do you know if a fairy story is a girl or if a sweet is a boy like me? Well, what really matters is that fairy stories are beautiful and recipes are delicious. And that a game is fun, just like the ones that we have come up with here.

Fairy stories

The story of Carmelo and the little sea planes.
The little prince and the gnomes of the forest.
Enzino the pushchair and the racing cars.
The story of Freddy, the fridge in love.
The story of Jimmy pebble.
The story of Martha and Tim the Tyre.
Gaston the Highchair and the shell.


Rapunzel style spaghetti
Tom Thumb’s Soup
Hansel&Gretel Muffins
The White Rabbit’s Pie
Hide and seek cod
Green meadow risotto
Tea supreme
Pumpkin din-dins
Fennel soup
Baby Carbonara
Small “Squashy” pasta


Draw & Colour
Cut & Stick
Spot the differences
Do the puzzle