Duvet Set: Coniglio collection

Duvet Set: Coniglio collection

art. G280/G282/G283

Made in Italy


Stylish and romantic 3-piece duvet set consisting of quilt, bumper and pillowcase. 

The quilt cover can be removed and so it’s ideal for between seasons. Like the bumper and the pillowcase, the quilt is made of soft, quality piquet fabric decorated with cute embroidery.

Optional accessories:

Cot art. G100, Cot art. G102, Chest art. G112, Wardrobe art. G117, 3-piece sheet set art. G122, Net canopy with rod art. G126, Cot tidy art. G128, Changer cover art. G124, Istante art. S2400, Campione art. S2300, Mini Plus art. S450, Idea art. S334, Smarty Pop art. S333, Brevettato Millegiochi art. B122, America art. B155, Brevettato art. B120, Lusso art. B111, Happygym mat art. V410, Sonnolento art. S345, Gironanna art. S346, Giocam art. S362, Dolcenanna Pop art. V293, Sonno art. L117, Daily Plus art. L113, Pull-out Idro Baby art. C518, Ulisse art. C605001, Volare art. C203008, Nuvola art. C610008, Cambio art. C209, Asia art. C913006, Babyblock art. V291, Asia changer art. IM90701. 

Available Colors

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