Techno + Mod. Loving

art. 805T + 973

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A super romantic, trendy model with attention to every detail


Usage information

from 0 to 36 months



  • Approved for transport in the car (0-10 kg. – optional Safety Kit art. V495)
  • Wide carrycot provided with fast fit/release system for the frame
  • Fully lined
  • Adjustable 4-position backrest
  • Handle with push open system and built-in carry handle
  • Hood with window that opens and large mosquito net
  • Mattress
  • Opening and closing system of the aerated base
  • Rocking base
  • Large and modern changing bag
  • Romantic, stylish model, with flounces and glittery fabric inserts or vinyl details and star-shaped studs for a rock version of Techno Lovely. 


  •         Aluminium frame available in 6 different colours (wood effect, brushed grey effect, silver glitter, gold glitter, rose gold glitter, matt black)
  •         Reversible seat (parent facing 0-12 months and forward facing 12-36 months), with a modern, minimalist design
  •         Single, adjustable height handle in soft, hand-stitched faux leather
  •         Easy to remove, large size rear wheels with double metal ball bearings
  •         Front swivel wheels
  •         Synchronised brake with on/off system and soft, long, front and rear suspension
  •         4-position backrest adjustable with just one hand
  •         Removable hand-stitched faux leather bumper bar
  •         5-point safety harness
  •         Extendable hood with window that opens and mosquito net to protect baby, large basket
  •         Lightweight (only 7 kg.) and compact, it folds easily and conveniently like a book with the seat in the rearward or forward facing position
  •         Free standing when folded

Accessories included: changing bag, hood and apron for the pushchair, raincover, basket.



  •         Group 40 – 75 cm.; standard approval R129 (I-size)
  •         With side impact protection
  •         Anatomically shaped insert cushion with back support
  •         Multi-position hood
  •         Padded shoulder protectors and crotch strap
  •         Practical harness adjustment mechanism
  •         Adjustable belt guide
  •         Non-slip rocking base
  •         Fitted with the 3-point car safety belt in the rearward facing position
  •         All covers are removable and washable at 30°C.

Optional accessories:

Base I-Size 2in1 Isofix art. S132, Car safety kit art. V495, Carrie cup holder art.038, Moritz pushchair footmuff art.035, Nesti car seat cosytoe art. 036, Mila changing bag art.033, Celine changing bag art. 041, Beki rucksack art.034, Stand Up art. 705, Fixon adapters art. N956


Dimensions and weights

Carrycot Inside:

  • L 92 – W 42 - H 66/26 cm.
  • Weight: 4.9 kg.

Carrycot + Frame:

  • Open: L 53 - W 93 - H 116 cm.
  • Weight: 12 kg.


  • Open: L 53 - W93 – H 111 cm.
  • Folded: L 53 - W 26 - H 78 cm.
  • Weight: 7 kg.


  • Open: L 53 - W 93 - H 111 cm.
  • Folded: L53 - W 26 - H 78 cm.
  • Weight: 9.2 kg.

Car Seat:

  • L 44.5 - W 64 - H 58 cm.
  • Weight: 3.7 kg.


  • Area Zero+ standard approved according to regulation R-129 I-Size (from 40 to 75 cm.)
  • Brake test: requires the compulsory use of the linked brake for greater safety
  • 360° rotation test: it tests the resistance of the 3-point safety harness
  • Wear test: it tests the strength of the pushchair over an obstacle track simulating the use and wear on the product over time
  • Accidental folding test: it tests the double safety mechanisms preventing accidental folding
  • Completely non-toxic (EN71) and phthalate-free materials (directive 2005/84/CE)
  • Durability test on rough paths. The European regulation requires the test to be carried out on 72,000 loops, Cam performs the test on 500,000 loops
  • Handle and suspension durability test. The European regulation requires the test to be carried out on 10,000 loops, Cam performs the test on 30,000 loops

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