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Age of Use:

0-36 months;



PUSHCHAIR: Aluminium frame with a reversible seat (rear facing 0-12 months - forward facing 12-36 months), with a modern and minimalist design.
Adjustable height, hand-stitched, faux leather linked handlebar. Large sized and easy to remove rear wheels, with double metal ball bearings. Front swivel wheels, synchronised brake locking/release system, soft and long, front and rear suspensions. One-hand adjustable 4-positions backrest, removable hand-stitched faux leather bumper bar, 5-point harness, extensible hood, spacious shopping basket. Light and compact, practical and easy to book fold, both with the rear-facing and forward-facing seats. Free standing when folded.
Included Accessories: Frame, shopping basket, pushchair seat, hood, foot cover, rain cover.

Sizes and Weights:

Opened Frame: L53 – W 93 – H 111 cm • Weight: 7 kg
Folded Frame: L 53 – W 26 – H 78 cm • Weight: 7 kg
Opened Pushchair: L 53 – W 93 – H 111 cm • Weight: 9,20 kg
Folded Pushchair: L 53 – W 26 – H 78 cm • Weight: 9,20 kg

Available Colors

Col. 500


The company reserves the right to make any necessary changes or improvements to the products shown at any time without prior notice.


- Complies with the EN 1888 European regulations

- Brake test: the linked brake is compulsory, for additional safety

- 360° rotation test: it tests the 5-point harness resistance

- Wear and tear test: it tests the pushchair’s durability through an obstacle course, which simulates the overtime wear and tear of the product

- Accidental folding test: it tests the double safety mechanisms that prevent the pushchair’s accidental folding

- Completely non-toxic (EN 71) and phthalate-free materials (directive 2005/84/CE)

- Difficult paths endurance test: The European regulation requires 72.000 cycles of use, Cam executes 500.000 cycles of use

- Handlebar and suspensions endurance test: The European regulation requires 10.000 cycles of use, Cam executes 30.000 cycles of use

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