Age of use:

Suitable for babies weighing 0-15 kg


With 4 support handles, padded anti bite handrail, no-finger entrapment net, side padded protections. Very easy to clean with a sponge. Compact folding;

Optional accessories:

Happygym playing carpet art. V410.

Sizes and Weights:

Open: L 125 - W 77.5 - H 83 cm.
Folded: L 27.5 – W 76 - H 94 cm.
13.8 kg.

Available Colors

Col. 240

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- European reference regulation: EN 12227-1/2

- Age of use: suitable for babies weighing less than 15 kg

- Bite test: carried out on the handrail, made of a more resistant pvc. The aim is to prevent the child from being able to tear the pvc with his teeth

- Side, front and rear stability test to prevent the baby from tipping over while inside

- Test to ensure the baby’s soother does not get trapped in any part of the playpen

- Dynamic impact test: carried out to check the base resistance

- Completely non-toxic (EN 71) and phthalate-free materials (directive 2005/84/CE)